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The best of the best of – DJ Hudson’s top single artist mixes

dj hudson single artist best of mixes

The UK’s DJ Hudson has been filling his crates for around 25 years, in that time DJing a number of venues across the country and being a part of the Midlands’ highly regarded Off The Hook hip hop/funk parties.  Always one to appreciate a list and a theme, he’s no stranger to making single artist mixes, namely his Pete Rock and Massive Attack mixes.  Here he breaks down some of his favourite single artist mixes, all linked in the titles:

Q-Tip: The Abstract Best – J. Period

q tip mixtapeJ. Period mixes are in a different league; the way they’re put together makes them like a documentary with interviews weaving through the music. This one is a retrospective of the career of Q-Tip with his music with A Tribe Called Quest, solo work, productions and more.

Stacks on Stacks on Stacks: Andre 3000 Features – Big Cats

andre 3000 mixtapeThis is a great listen – a selection of some of the guest appearances Andre 3000 has done on other people’s songs. It’s a good way to deal with the fact we’ve not had a full length release from him or Outkast for about 10 years.


DJ Quik – Matthew Africa

dj quick mixtapeMatthew Africa put this very comprehensive selection of the legendary west coast rapper/producer together back in 2009. Definitely not one to play around children but an excellent selection from a kingpin of west coast rap. FURTHER LISTENING: Also check out Matthew’s mixes playing all Gang Starr and all Mizell Brothers Gang Starr mix //Mizell Brothers)

Diamond D: Songs, Samples & Snippets – Hedspin

Diamond D mixtapeDiamond D’s Stunts, Blunts and Hip Hop album from 1992 is in my personal top ten of all time and DJ Hedspin from Canada’s The EH Team does the legendary Diggin In The Crates member justice with this selection of classic productions, remixes and original breaks. Featuring Lord Finesse, Mos Def, Show and AG and many more.

It’s Overture – Mad Science: The Large Professor Story

large professor mixtape“Gotta give a shout to the Large Professor…” The Extra P is another one of my all time favourites and this mix goes through all the favourite productions, remixes, solo work and of course Main Source hits along with bits of interviews from numerous people. FURTHER LISTENING: Check out Kid Grebo’s tribute mixes to Large Professor’s mentor Paul C.

Nile Rodgers – Superix

nile rogers mixtapeSouthern Hospitality’s Superix dives into the back catalogue of Nile Rodgers going from the Chic Organisation productions for Diana Ross and Sister Sledge to the 80s productions for Madonna and David Bowie.


Kanye Birthday – DJ Raydar Ellis

kanye mixtapeKanye, Kanye, Kanye… it’s not easy to do a best of mix of the World’s Greatest Living Rock Star but Raydar Ellis has knocked this one out of the park with a good selection of Kanye’s work so far. FURTHER LISTENING: Welcome to Kanye’s Soul Mix Show has A-Trak mixing up the original breaks to Kanye production while ‘Ye drops facts over the top.

James Brown & Friends Pt 2 – J Rocc

james brown mixtapeJ Rocc mixtapes are always on another level and he doesn’t disappoint with this one. All JB mixed only the way The Funky President can.



Nate in 08 – Steve1der

nate dogg mixtapeNate Dogg is the undisputed king of the hip hop hook. Steve1der gos through all the classics Nate did with Dr Dre, Snoop and the rest along with some of his lesser known material. Essential listening.


DJ Spinna & Bobbito – Wonder Wrote It

stevie wonder mixtapeSpinna and Bobbito started off the Stevie Wonder tribute Wonder-Full parties in New York in 1999, where they play all Stevie related music and they put this CD out in 2001 off the back of that. The parties are still going in various cities (DJ Spinna is doing it in London this Friday). Extra bonus: Here’s some footage of Stevie at the Washington DC Wonder-Full party singing while Spinna plays some breaks


So there it is, the definitive list of single artist concept mixes.  Hope there’s something for you here.  Be sure to check out DJ Hudson’s work on mixcloud and his blog “What would Hudson do?” for more general knowledge.

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5 DJ Mixes For Summer BBQs

UK Summertime is a rare thing, or more specifically, a good summer’s day is a rare thing.  So when eventually it comes around, you need to be sure you’ve got the right beats for the whip.  Here are some personal favourites for cruising in the sunshine:


Andy Smith – Lover’s Rock

Portishead’s DJ Andy Smith has been making great mixtapes and complations since the 90s, spanning Northern Soul, Funk, and Reggae amongst other genres, and absolutely strikes gold with this mix of Lover’s Rock from Janet Kay, Gregory Isaacs, Dennis Brown and others


DJ Hudson – Mentally Hip-Hop Smoothed Out On The R&B Tip With A Pop Feel

DJ Hudson comes correct with the 90’s RnB and swingbeat to get everyone’s hips moving with the essential joints from people like Mary J Blige, SWV, Soul II Soul and many more.  This is the one to listen to when day turns to night…


DJ Steve1der – Nate in ‘08

If there’s one element of hip hop which sounds good in Summer, it’s G Funk, and if there’s one man who defines G Funk, it’s Nate Dogg (or possibly DJ Quik, but that’s a discussion for another day).  On this mix, DJ Steve1der expertly mashes and blends many of the highlights of what was an incredible career and an incredible talent (RIP)


DJ Day – Way Out Of Living

There’s something about the music that Palm Springs resident DJ Day’s music that just oozes sunshine, whether this is to do with being due to the weather in the city, something in the water, or something else altogether.


DJ Wax On – The G Funk Era

As mentioned above, if you think G Funk starts and ends with Snoop and Dre, this mix makes you think again.  Ignoring the lack of Dove Shack, DJ Wax On brings an essential selection of the kings of G Funk, and is great to blast in summer with all the windows open.