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Knowledge Reigns Supreme – Suggestions Needed

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I started Gift Rap because I wanted to create gifts that a) reflect who I am as a person and a maker, and b) I would like to get myself .  But I didn’t want to end up making Tupac keyrings and 2 Chainz postcards.  I want to make and stock hip hop related items which are

  • Tasteful
  • Good quality
  • Unique
  • British made (where possible)

I tend to look for potential new stock through places like Etsy, but it seems to a lot of people, rap related gifts are cheap t-shirts with Biggie or Eminem, or mugs with headphones/really corny language.

I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting to sell/buy exciting and interesting products, and while I’ve a few things in the pipeline, I’m always on the lookout for more.  And so I appeal to you to let me know if there’s anything you’ve seen or would like to see that you think would be a good item for the website.  Be it books, clothing, music, homewares, anything else, it’d be good to see what’s out there which hasn’t been in my line of sight.


If there’s anything you can think of, think would be a good fit, let me know on the comments or contact me through the site.


Stay thorough.

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